Regelle Dont Suffer in Silence Dr Louise Newson

Dr. Louise Newson Launches Regelle ‘Don’t Suffer in Silence’ Campaign.

Dr LouiseNewson, the UK specialist GP known as the Menopause Doctor  ( recently came to Dublin to launch Regelle’s Don’t Suffer in Silence campaign. Louise, a regular on UK media such as Channel 4’s Embarassing Bodies,  met with national media to discuss the common problem of Vaginal dryness.

While menopause is a prime factor, women can suffer vaginal dryness at any age due to a number of different factors such as breastfeeding, prolonged use of tampons, use of some feminine hygiene products and as a result of certain medications and medical treatments.

A survey conducted by Regelle in Ireland found that 70.2% of women suffer from vaginal dryness at some stage. 59% of those do not seek help from the GP or healthcare professional, a disappointing fact largely due to embarrassment or lack of awareness, says Dr Newson.

The #dontsufferinsilence campaign encourages women to be confident in speaking about and seeking treatment for vaginal dryness.

Regelle is a long lasting vaginal moisturiser, giving immediate relief from dryness and discomfort. Each application also lasts up to 3 days unlike short acting lubricants. Vaginal Moisturisers work by coating the vaginal tissue and delivering continuous moisture. Regelle is hormone free and can be used with systemic HRT. Containing 78.82% Water, Regelle provides long lasting relief from vaginal dryness.



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