Regelle – Daily Mail Online

For World Menopause Day 2018 The Daily Mail published an ‘Ultimate Guide to Vaginal Dryness’ by five leading female doctors.

To help soothe vaginal dryness Regelle was recommended by Meneopause Doctor, Dr. Louise Newson.

“While many of my patients are comfortable talking about their hot flushes and night sweats, many (even the ones I have known for years) are less forthcoming about the subject of vaginal dryness! 

Yes this is as much about declining estrogen levels as hot flushes and night sweats are – the skin generally becomed drier and the vagina becomes less lubricated and stretchy. 

This can lead to painful intercourse and as the skin in this area becomes increasingly sensitive it can become itchy. 

HRT can help relieve symptoms and a vaginal moisturizer like Regelle Long Lasting Vaginal Moisturiser can help.”

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